Farzane Ghadyanloo is a street and fine art photographer based in Tehran, Iran.

She was born in Tehran on September 1989. She was graduated from Tehran university of Arts, faculty of Cinema and Theatre with a Bachelor of Arts in Directing in 2012.

After receiving her education she came up with an idea to make a documentary movie of her family gathering sessions, she then ended up forming a long term intimate photo series called “Thursdays”. following her passions in documenting everyday life, she spread the same idea in capturing the very real moments of people passing by streets, she developed a series called “Tehran street carpet”. later then she discovered her interest in fine art and photo montages and shot for “The Drowned” series. Portraiture and modeling photography also played a significant role in her career.

 In October 2014 she had a successful solo exhibition of her first photo series in Arte gallery in Tehran, Iran. She then continued to exhibit her other body of works in different group galleries in Tehran.

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